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 My coaching offers you a listening space, provides thought provoking questions, authentic reflections, creative tools and exercises. Most of all I offer you my life experience, professionally, personally, relationally, emotionally. Presence, authentic reflections, heartfulness, intuition.


We will explore your current situation and where & how you want to show up in your life. I support you through various processes in finding out what is important to you, what gets in the way, changing perspectives and using different pathways to find the access to your Awakening Woman.


We will work with body knowledge, emotional intelligence and a compassionate enquiry into the inner dialogues that get in the way. Becoming aware and releasing your limiting beliefs will open the horizon for a clearer and more liberated way forward.

a word of wisdom: change takes time!

Please remember change takes time. Most of us have developed patterns of thinking and behaviour over decades so please give yourself time to succeed!

Coaching options

Coaching & Bodywork

Powerful combination of coaching & bodywork
1 hour coaching followed by 90 min/2hr massage
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See what coaching can offer you
Explore a specific issue
Use it as a follow up session

Online       £70
In person £85

Let's Do more

3 x 1 hour sessions
Digging deeper
Short term support
Working toward specific goals

Online       £205
In person £250

deep dive

6 weekly or fortnightly 1 hour sessions
Coaching summary available
Important integration and practice time between sessions

Online      £400
In person £495

Coaching sessions are offered online or in my Studio in central Forest Row, East Sussex.

New to my work?

Welcome! If you haven't had the pleasure of my bodywork sessions yet, you may like to book in for a 30 min Complementary Discovery Call. Tell me about your situation and what you would like to change.

Please send me an email to share what interests you in the Awakening Woman Coaching Sessions and I will send you a booking link. 

Subsidised Coaching for the community

I am committed to supporting increasing health and wellbeing in my community. Every month I have one SUBSIDISED coaching package available. Please send me an email if you sense that coaching could be beneficial for you, you are committed to doing the work, but the funds are not available right now.



Please note that Coaching is not therapy and does not substitute therapy if needed. It does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.