awakening woman bodywork

The combination of Life coaching and bodywork is powerful. Uncovering what stands in the way of living in your Awakened Woman and then anchoring your learning in the bodywork supports transformation.

Coaching & bodywork combo

Coaching and Bodywork, I hear you ask? Why?

Many women come to me because they

  • want to 'find a new way of being'
  • know there is more to life but can't quite figure out how to get there
  • long for the flow and lusciousness of the Lomi Lomi also in other aspects of their life
  • find it difficult to take time out for themselves and massage is a socially acceptable way
  • need a space for themselves
  • are in medical treatment and desperate for non-medical touch
  • find it difficult to speak their needs to partners and family
  • are no longer experiencing satisfying intimacy

All these desires can be worked with through the massage but when we bring the layer of coaching to it as well you can change your life beyond the length of the massage session!


Your Awakened Woman will experience life and your choices in a whole new way.

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian inspired massage

Softening into flow ©Adobe Stockphoto

This energetic bodywork is nourishing and healing support for  women of all ages.


Based on the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi, which is traditionally used for general health and healing and serves in temple rituals to support specific stages of life, crisis situations and intentional changes.


My work combines both aspects, creating space for everything you bring: your physical challenges, your feelings and desires, your zest for life or lack thereof, your stress, your (dis)connection to your own body and being, your thoughts and behavioural patterns that you may want to look at or are already in the process of changing.


This beautiful form of touch, known in Hawaii as the Queen of Massages, takes you on a journey into the waves of the ocean of life. It invites you into an inner spaciousness where balance, deep relaxation, mind & body transformation and self alignment can occur.

More detailed information can be found on my massage website.

women's pelvic healing - yoni massage

The Yoni Massage is deep and nourishing work to heal & celebrate femininity and womanhood. It can address core issues within your sexual/intimate history.

The Massage is an honouring that most women have never received. The healing of this work is immense. It can be a foundation for being more connected to your Self and allowing/striving for intimacy with a partner.

In time this healing goes far beyond sexuality. It can impact our connection to ourselves and the people around us. Feelings of aliveness, vibrancy, clarity and love may increase.

More information about this work can be found on my massage website.