about me

© Anja Kositzki - Awakening Woman Coach

 My name is Anja and I am woman, partner, mother to two wonderful men, home birth midwife, dancer, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach, Women's Sexual Health practitioner and Lomi artist.


I have spent the past 25 years supporting women and couples to follow their dreams, explore the limitations, find new connections to their bodies, learn to trust, to communicate their needs and truths.


I have 'midwifed' - been 'with woman', on the threshold of birth and also death, accompanied the intensity of life and the processing of past grief and trauma. I have seen in my clients and in myself the importance of recognizing and acting upon the changing needs in our lives, the relationship to our bodies, our partnerships, to family & friends, to our Truth. 


I have traversed deep valleys of disconnection from my body and my needs. Learned to listen more to my body, to communicate my needs, stay authentic in my interactions. I have navigated the highs and lows of marriage and learned a lot about myself in the life transition of Menopause. I have let go of a successful business to follow my dreams. This are facets of my being which I offer in support to you.


Coaching has developed out of this journey and I feel gratitude to Martha Beck who developed the Wayfinder Coaching Work and all the teachers who have supported and mentored me before and since.


I was born in Germany and have lived in America and England for more than 35 years.  I dedicated 12 years to a vibrant Independent midwifery practice in the Sussex area and have built a flourishing massage practice combining Lomi Lomi and Women's Pelvic Healing, Hawaiian Nurture.