personal Development through Coaching & Bodywork

Dear woman, welcome! I am so glad you are here.

 Are you dealing with changes in your life that challenge your self image? 
Have you noticed that your behaviour is keeping you from what you desire?
Are you ready to let go of beliefs that are limiting you?
Do you want to listen and act more from the truth within yourself?

Great - I am here to walk with you, shine the light for you and witness you stepping into your Strength & Clarity!

my role as your coach

I will create a safe container for you to get curious and explorative. I  will offer you my presence, deep listening and powerful questions & tools to support you to find your answers, solutions, pathways & new perspectives.

I will support you as well as challenge your assumptions / preconceptions /limiting beliefs. I will offer you reflections and constructive feedback AND I will be completely open, honest and transparent.

I will be here for YOU.


Is that resonating with you? Have a look at the Coaching Options.

inner peace and reflection ©Adobe Stockphoto


 Some Questions for you to ponder:


How would a happier, more aligned & powerful version of yourself feel and behave?


What would be one step toward a more vibrant and creative version of yourself?


What would be your greatest fear in becoming more aligned & powerful?


What stands in the way?

Coaching can help you to

  • explore with curiosity & creativity
  • identify obstacles & resistance to change
  • shine a spotlight on the issues and help you change perspective
  • hold you to account on agreed steps
  • help you to get out of your own way
  • identify your strengths and gifts
  • find more clarity and an increased truthfulness with yourself
  • make more courageous choices 

As a result you live from a more truthful place. HAPPIER, more ALIGNED & POWERFUL.